Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No Painting Today

I'm just too tired tonight to get out the paint. Sometimes I feel discouraged because I'm not spending enough time painting...yet when I'm painting, I feel guilty that I'm neglecting other things that need to be done. I work during the day, so my painting is restricted to nights and weekends. I worry that at the rate I'm going, I won't see much improvement.

I'm having trouble finding a good balance.

What about you? Do you paint? If so, when do you find time to paint? Are you satisfied with the time you devote to your art?

I'm curious to know how others manage their painting time.


Euphemia Wesley said...

Hi Sue, I saw your comment on my Luly. Thanks. She is a dear. So I'm not really a computer person but took a look at your site. So nice to see what you've been doing. I've been afraid to tackle Christmas ornaments. You did it well.
There is always anguish and doubt and I don't even work at a job. You do amazingly well.
Hope I run ito you one of these days. Phemie

Sue said...

I'd love to see you again, Phemie. Do you plan to take any classes at Maude Kerns this winter?