Monday, January 2, 2012

Vanilla Cupcake

Oil on Gessobord. 5"x7"

One of the lessons learned over the past year is to slow down and to be more deliberate. Recently, I've been doing my paintings in three stages:

(1) the initial sketch in burnt sienna or burnt umber
(2) an underpainting
(3) the final painting

This allows me to place the values and gives me a bit more control. I've been using Liquin as a medium so that each layer will dry quickly.

Below are the three stages of the cupcake painting.


Mom said...

I think you've made terrific progress Sue - you truly do have a natural talent. So glad you're keeping the blog - love seeing what you've done. XXXOOO

Sue said...

Thanks, Mom! I certainly have a long way to go, but painting is something I really enjoy.