Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Singing Lesson

I'm not sure whether this painting is finished. I've been working on it most evenings for the past two weeks and need to step away from it for awhile. I've just been too close to it.

This figurine is one of a pair of Hummels that sit in our china cabinet. I've also been working on the other piece, which is a little girl feeding chickens, "Feeding Time." My husband looked them up on the internet and found their names.  He bought these in Oberammergau in 1966, three years before we were married. We've had them a very, very long time. We're showing our age, but these Hummels don't look a day over six!


Jane said...

I think this is adorable, don't really know what could be better, looks perfect to me :-)

Sue said...

Oh, thank you, Jane!