Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Chief


My two little grandsons, ages four and seven, stayed with us this weekend. It was too rainy and wet to ride bikes at the park, so we took a trip to GoodWill to see if we could find some fun toys and puzzles to play with at Nana's house.

Graham, my four year old guy, spotted this nifty red fire truck. It is metal rather than plastic and has a silver bell that rings. A real treasure. He had fun with it this weekend and then left it here for his next visit. Nana got to play with it, too...with a paintbrush!


Julie Ford Oliver said...

Hey Sue, I knew this was yours before seeing the name. Good for you - this is fun and beautifully painted.

Sue Harrell said...

Hi Julie! I like that you could tell it was mine! Thanks for the kind comments.