Sunday, July 27, 2014

Orange Slices with Strawberries

I was lucky enough to be able to take another Carol Marine workshop in early July. This was an "advanced" class (meaning that it was for folks who had taken one of her prior workshops), and we worked on using the color white, painting flowers, and painting glass. Carol is not only an excellent painter and instructor, she's also a sweetheart! The workshop was just great.

I'll be taking two more workshops this year - Qiang Huang at the end of August, and Scott Christensen in early October! I can hardly wait!

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Julie Ford Oliver said...

Lovely painting, Sue. I agree, Carol is a lovely person as well as a fab teacher and artist.
You have really gone into the "big bucks" workshop with Scott. Wow! I will truly look forward to seeing what happens after that one.
Qiang is coming to New Mexico in August. Are you taking that one? Nice man. I organized two workshops for him a few years ago. Say Hi from me.