Thursday, March 8, 2012


Our beautiful Molly girl. Molly is my mom's springer spaniel, and a beloved member of our family. Molly is a big girl who thinks she is a lap dog. She just exudes love and happiness. Molly was my dad's loyal companion, and stayed close by his side until he died. I have poignant memories of Dad and Mom with Molly on the beach near the Florence jetty. Molly was a young dog at that time and her ears would fly in the wind as she ran back and forth on the beach.  She's an old girl now, and living a cozy life with my mom in Arizona. Sweet, sweet Molly.


lindy said...

Beautiful painting, and Molly's soul shining through. am going to bookmark your blog to join qiang-huang's. again, good luck to you.

Sue said...

Molly's a pretty special girl and has been a wonderful companion to my mom. Many thanks, Lindy, for your kind words.