Saturday, January 11, 2014

Red and Yellow Peppers

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This is a quick sketch of peppers in a glass pitcher. I'm still working on my fracturing technique. Sometimes I feel confident that I get it, but many times uncertainly creeps in and I feel that I'm floundering. That's just my learning style - more of a learning spiral rather than a learning curve. I suspect that it's how many folks learn. There are some folks who easily grasp new concepts - not me. I need to keep poking and prodding and examining an idea from all angles before I'm confident that I understand - thus the need for constant practice.

The Carol Marine workshop is week after next, then one last week of work and I'll be free to practice to my heart's content.

1 comment:

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Love the colors and movement in this Sue.
The neat thing about the fracturing is developing your own mark making. When you go to Carol's workshop you will be developing some more skills and learning the power
of the gray. It will all add up to your own individual growth and unique style. Crazy good!