Sunday, January 5, 2014

Red Pear with Lemon and Grapes

I'm really excited...the countdown to retirement is almost over. I have been a project manager for a health insurance company for 20 years. As you can imagine, I'm SO done with it and now I'm ready to spend my days painting. Although my last day of work is January 31st,  I only have 15 actual working days left. I have the great, good fortune to have a spot reserved in Carol Marine's workshop January 20-24, just the week before I retire. Carol also lives in Eugene, and will be giving her workshop in Eugene's twin city, Springfield. So much to look forward to this month!

This painting is another attempt at fracturing. I love the technique and will keep practicing.

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Julie Ford Oliver said...

This has a wonderful glow to it.
Lucky you being in Carol's workshop. She is a fabulous teacher and I loved her and what I learned.