Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pink Primrose


This is my first painting after the Carol Marine workshop. The workshop was all I'd hoped for and more. Each day just flew by. Carol is an excellent teacher and my classmates were great. It was a wonderful experience. I feel that I learned so much.

This is also the first painting of my retirement! Yay! I plan to do lots of painting now that I have the time.


Julie Ford Oliver said...

Truly beautiful. You have found what you were looking for. I will enjoy seeing each and every painting you do.

Sue Harrell said...

Thank you, Julie! I agree - Carol's class was just wonderful. Some information was new, some information was reaffirmation of what I'd known, but hadn't really internalized (if that makes any sense). Carol will be offering an "advanced" workshop in Springfield this summer...I truly hope to be able to secure a spot in that class.