Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ready For Planting

I was really unhappy with the way yesterday's painting turned out, so I thought I'd give it another try. I used a different palette this time. I'm also practicing with perspective. This was a little tough for me because there was a slight rise in the road. I'll keep working at it.


Julie Ford Oliver said...

You should not have been unhappy with the previous one because your color harmony is lovely in it. Both your skies are full of movement so great job on those. This one is more complex and lots going on. I like your different greens very much. Be gentle with yourself because you have picked a hard thing to do and that is outside with ever changing light. Just keep it simple and enjoy. You have so much talent and if these are this good already I cannot wait to see what comes out after more practice.

Sue Harrell said...

Oh, Julie - thanks so much! I SO much appreciate your kind words and encouragement. As you know, there are so many ups and downs with painting. It's nice to have a supportive friend on this journey.