Monday, April 25, 2011

Lisa Z's Tulips II

Oil on canvas. 20"x16"
This is a continuation of the painting that I posted on Saturday. I didn't feel it was complete, so spent some time on it this evening. I'm trying to keep in mind the idea of painting color rather than form...easy to slip into old habits. I changed the background color, darkened the dark masses and lightened the lights. I like it better, now.


Carol Horzempa said...

Love your paintings and study in color. I admire anyone that can paint everyday. I'm still trying to paint once a week!

Sue said...

Thank you, Carol. I try to be diligent about painting daily, but it's often hit or miss. At times I just fade out after work - the spirit's always willing, but often the flesh is just pooped out.
Carol, I love your work and I especially love your animal studies. Not only are they beautiful, they're so expressive! Really fine work.