Saturday, September 14, 2013

September Challenge #14


These hibiscus are among the few remaining summer flowers in the garden. It's a time of transition and the mums and zinneas are just beginning to put on their autumn show.

I'm continuing to practice the fracturing technique that was created by Julie Ford Oliver. I'm trying to paint more loosely and add an element of abstraction to my paintings. It feels a little like jumping into a lake. Fun and exhilerating, but a bit scary.


Julie Ford Oliver said...

Beautiful - really beautiful. I think you have '"got it"

Sue Harrell said...

Oh, Julie - I'm thrilled with your comment! I've watched your videos four times now - seems excessive, but I'm a slow learner. Each time I watch them, I learn something new.

Thanks so much for sharing the information. I'm really enjoying this process.

Cindy Greene said...

This is truly beautiful! Keep painting!

Maga Fabler said...

It is really good, Sue! Every day you are better and better in fracturing. And you are a good swimmer on this "loosely abstraction" lake. Keep going.

Sue Harrell said...

Thank you, Cindy and Maga!

I very much appreciate your encouraging words.