Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September Challenge #26

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I'm crazy about sunflowers -they're just so cheery!

I asked my husband what he thought this painting should be called.  He suggested "Solar Eclipse." I thought that was a great name for a painting of sunflowers. They do look like little solar eclipses.


Julie Ford Oliver said...

The colors in this are stunning. Can see why your hubby named them for you. Perfect.
Love the beautiful mixture up top right...adds interest.

Sue Harrell said...

Thank you, Julie! Painting has become a family affair. My husband doesn't paint, but enjoys everything else about the process (looking for subjects to paint, naming paintings, etc.) It makes it a lot more fun to have someone who is so supportive and interested...he doesn't even nod off when I ramble on about painting! He's a good guy!

Maga Fabler said...

What a beautiful solar eclipses :)
I love the composition.

Sue Harrell said...

Thank you so much, Maga!

How are you holding up on the challenge. I see that you've been able to post the beautiful cats every day!

Maga Fabler said...

I'm already bored a little bit. I had practiced all I wanted to achieve in oil dry brush technique. Now I need to go forward. Soon, in the next month :)