Monday, September 2, 2013

September Challenge #2

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Today is day 2 of  Leslie Saeta's 30 day painting challenge. I enjoyed visiting Leslie's site to see what others are doing. There are about 325 participants, and there is some wonderful work being exhibited.

This challenge actually presents two challenges for me. The first is creating a discipline to paint every single day. Even if I don't produce a painting every day, I want to get into the habit of being at my easel on a daily basis. My second, and greater challenge, is the challenge of finding a painting subject. For some, this comes naturally...they are able to see many possibilities around them. Not so easy for me, so my challenge is to be open to new ideas for painting topics. I suspect the discipline of painting every day will help.

At any rate, this painting is my entry for day 2. The colors in the heirloom tomato and in the oak leaf herald the end of summer and autumn's onset - my favorite time of year.


Maga Fabler said...

Interesting selection of staff in this still life. Nicely used blues for the shadows.

Sue Harrell said...

Thanks, Maga. I'm really struggling with finding subject matter to paint...just looking for things around the house!