Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September Challenge #17

I'm really pushing the time limit on these paintings this week.  I'm trying to concentrate on the painting, but feeling a bit rushed. Hurry up, weekend - I need more time to paint!

These yellow flowers are a type of mum. I attempted to paint them once before without much success. They're about to fade so I thought I'd give them another shot before they are thrown away. It's good to to see the squash and gourds in the market. Soon there will be pumpkins!

My husband picked up the little acorns on a lunch time stroll at work because I'd been complaining that there were no uneaten acorns in our yard. The neighborhood squirrels have been chomping them all!


Maga Fabler said...

Very interesting, fresh mood. The complementary colors (yellow–violet) always makes emotions. But these beautiful olive green with a touch of orange is absolutely perfect.

Sue Harrell said...

Thank you, Maga. I was disappointed with this painting - mainly because of the composition. There are so many things to think about when painting. I think it's hard to keep everything in mind!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Don't be disappointed - It has lots of good things going on. It is lively and interesting.